Life Lived on Purpose

“No man really knows about other human beings. The best he can do is to suppose that they are like himself.” Steinbeck

The only catagory I allow myself to snuggle into is the immense and uncomprehendable realm of the curious.

Curiosity feeds my soul; it is the thick blood weaving through my veins and powering my mind, it keeps my feet moving and my eyes open. Often I find that my very being is a conglomeration of so many questions, that it’s unfathomable to believe that my organs have room to do their thing.

Literature is the doorway to the world, the opening into perspective. To climb into someone’s skin and walk around in it. While a fostered addiction to literature has given me exuberant curiosity, it is not enough for me to simply curl up in my alpaca socks with a strong cup of french press on a winter day and snuggle into Hemingway.

In order to appease my curiosity, to stem the hearty tide of my addiction to learning more, I strive to understand human nature. What motivates us, what do we share, what must not be generalized. The only chance I have is to understand my ever-changing self to the best of my human ability.

This is my blog; my mind palace. My musings on humanity; what connects us.

I am a writer. If I didn’t do something about that, the words and emotions and expressions would cauterize my insides with the ferocity of their energy.

Echoing more of the magnanimous legendary Steinbeck, I truly, truly believe in the perfectability of man. Or at least the striving towards such a goal. I believe in a contagious society, rank with the disease of selflessness and servitude and kindness.

What a beautiful, noble goal to strive towards such a community.

I write to explore my own curiosity and to find new crevasses within myself from which to connect myself better to the world. The world is a vast and unending entity of exploration, enrapturing in beauty and peace, and I am such a small and minute member. I am a pebble on a stony, Maine beach. I am a ripple in the Missouri River. I am the topmost needle on the pine tree.

But I firmly believe there is significance in the minute.

This blog is intended to explore the significance of the world around me, the small and the hearty. It is also to explore my own significance, as I believe we should all be in a constant state of questioning how we could be more useful towards building an ideal community.
Peace and Blessings,


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